Sunday, January 1

The Boys' Are Done

Greetings. I'm writing this in the third quarter of the Dallas Cowboys game against the Rams. As the title says though, the Boys' are done, but then again, is anyone really all that surprised?

For one of the few times in the season, I'm having trouble staying interested and glued to this game. In order for Dallas to move on into the post season, Washington or Carolina had to lose their games today, and neither one of those happened. So, by game time, there were no playoff implications for either Dallas or St. Louis. It's hard to get excited about a game when you know it will be your last. However, the Cowboys have only themselves to blame for getting in this position. If they'd won some of their early games back in September or October, and taken care of business, then they'd probably be in a better position to move on. One game in particular that I can think of right off is their first game against Washington, where they gave up 2 touchdowns in the last few minutes of the game, and ended up losing by one point. That hurt.

I consider myself a realistic fan/person. So from my point of view, even if they had made into the playoffs, did anyone really expect them to go to the Superbowl? Some people locally talked about it, but let's be realistic, especially in light of the last half of the season. Even if they had made it to a wildcard game, I'm pretty sure that they would have faced off one of the really good NFC teams, and gotten blown out.

I don't want to be misunderstood; I'm not real upset that Dallas didn't make it into the playoffs. I'm more upset that the outcome was determined by other teams, one of which is at about the same level as Dallas (Washington), who actually won their game. Granted, I didn't watch the Washington vs. Phillie game, so I may not be able to comment effectively on it. The fact remains that they and Carolina won their games, and Dallas missed its last chance.

It doesn't really matter to me whetehr Dallas wins tonight or not. Truthfully, I heard on one of the radio pregame shows, the people talking about the implications of Dallas winning or losing, as it related to where they'd end up in the first round picks of the NFL Draft in April. That about sums up other people's interest in this game, grin.

In other NFL news, the clock is ticking for how long it will take various teams to fire their coaches, including the one down south in Houston. I heard one person say earlier that that firing should happen sometime before lunch tomorrow. I've also heard talk that houston will likely take Reggie Bush in the NFL Draft, since they will get the first pick due to their worst record in the league. That would be a good find for Houston, to get Bush, though I dare say that they probably need to do a lot more to that team to get them back in the hunt for a good season's record. In today's NFL though, even though they stunk this year, Houston will probably be in the playoffs next year, which I'm sure would make OGV happy, grin. In other firing news, it took the Vikings until just after their game ended to fire their coach. They didn't waste time, :)

But don't despair OGV and every other Houston or Dallas football fan, there's plenty of ball left to play with the remaining bowl games, the NFL playoffs and the Superbowl. Once again, good luck to the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Texas Longhorns in their bowl games.

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