Tuesday, January 31

It All Starts Tomorrow

Greetings. First off, this might be one of those rambling posts, so bare with me.

Well, it all starts tomorrow. It seems like forever since I got the call from my new boss, back on December 15, when he offered me the position. I remember wondering back then how I was going to fill a month and a half and what I would do in the time. I knew I would be moving, but I didn't know about the downtime. Now, I sit on the eve of employment, again, and oh the thoughts that are going through my mind. Thoughts of: where I've been, how I got here, the last 2 and 1/2 years at the ATC in Dallas, the process of getting to and from work tomorrow, what I'll do all of tomorrow, what it might be like to work from 8 to 5 (I know many people that do this, but so far, its not something that I've gotten to do and it seems strange in a way), working at the same training center that I went to as a consumer, and many other things. It's going to be neat to look at and talk with former teachers and now have them be coworkers.

For a long time, I've been taking Melatonan to help me get to sleep. When I started taking it regularly in September of 2004, I always hoped that I would reach a point when I wouldn't have to take it to get to sleep. Now, I think I have reached that point. I can honestly say that I feel more rested after a night of regular sleep, rather than sleep induced sleep. Besides, I always have a Melatonan hang-over the next day when it takes several hours, sometimes until lunch, for all of the drowsiness to fully ware off.

A funny thing happened this morning. For several weeks now, I've been gradually getting myself used to waking up earlier and earlier, to simulate what it might be like for me to wake up and get ready for work. Yesterday morning, my alarm went off at 5:45, and I promptly got up and got ready. By 7 I was ready to go, aside from changing into work clothes. Now by 8:30, the previous night's Melatonan sleep hang-over caught up with me and I crashed, but I was ready to go by 7 and, if I had to go to work that day, then I would have made it to the bus stop by 7:30 for the bus. This morning, the alarm went off again at 5:45, and having a successful run yesterday, I decided to sleep in, wanting to savor one last weekday where I could. From 5:45 to shortly after 7, when I finally went back to sleep, I kept wondering if I was going to be late for work. It took me a few times to realize that this was Tuesday, not Wednesday. I guess my attempt to get up earlier worked, :)

Anyway, like I said in the beginning, I don't really have any clear direction for this post. I mainly wanted to put my thoughts out and see what happens. It seems that writing is a kind of therapy for me, and others. Where we feel better after writing a few paragraphs, and feel like we can go and tackle the world, or in my case, that I can tackle my first day at work. I'm not worried or stressed about the next 24 hours. Anxious, sure, but not stressed. No use getting tied up over nothing. On the other hand, some people thought it odd that I wouldn't start work until midweek. From my point of view though, I get 3 days of work, then 2 days off, and then a full week. Of course, it probably wouldn't go over too well if I were to ask for more 3-day weeks after this one, :) Even so, its a way of easing into full time stuff, at least initially. I'll write again in a day or two and talk about the first few days. Until then.

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