Friday, November 11

Another Job Opportunity

Greetings. First off, my apologies for the "test posts" that have ended up on today's entry. I had a problem with Blogger for awhile when composing one of them, and it trippled itself.

Anyway, onto the news of consequence. I have applied to work with, or be placed, with a company called Bender Consulting Services. In brief, they help place disabled people with companies in management, human resources, and information technology. I had applied with them before, submitted several resumes, done a couple of interviews, and filled out some other paperwork. The last time I heard from them was back in June or July, when I was told that I would be contacted if something opened up.

Well, yesterday in the late afternoon, I got a call from them. Their home office is in Pennsylvania, but they place people all over the U.S. and in a couple of Canadian provinces. Anyway, the person I spoke with was an assistant to someone, and he said that his boss wanted to interview me on the next day (today). I said that I was free and we agreed upon a time. I never found out what the position was that I was being interviewed for though, and when I asked, the assistant said there was several openings but he didn't know which one either.

Well, today I had the interview and did very well, if I can say so myself. The positions are in the help desk arena, and for two corporations in Los Colinas, near Dallas. I got an email address to send updated copies of my resume to, and was told that they would be in touch, which could be soon or not so soon. It all depends on the client and what they want to do. However, since I was told that the next step would be a detailed technical interview with the client, and since I haven't been told about that before, I'm inclined to think that there might be a possible job in this for me. We'll have to wait and see though.

Wouldn't that be a fix to find myself in: to have to choose between a job with the state, and one in help desk stuff locally. Off hand, I can't say which one I'd ultimately choose, but who knows. Watch this space for further updates.

I feel like I did well with the interview too. It was kind of like a dry run before the interview on Monday, so that's good. There were never really any times when I was lost for words. The truth of the matter is that I've been interviewed over the phone more often than I've had face to face interviews. I'll try and put up one more post before I leave Monday morning, and I'll definitely write about my travel and experiences when I get back, probably sometime on Tuesday.

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