Saturday, November 5

Blind Cool Tech on Marlaina

Greetings. Fans of the podcast/blog Blind Cool Tech will be pleased to know that Larry Scutchan, who works at the American Pritning House for the Blind in Kentucky, will be interviewed tomorrow night on ACB Radio Mainstream's Marlaina show, which is hosted by Marlaina Lieberg. If you're not familiar with Blind Cool Tech, then I highly suggest you go over to the site and check out the variety of shows. Many of them are of Larry podcasting about technology, what's happening in his life, and other interesting commentary. Recently though, he has accepted contributions from other people on technology reviews, or whatever they had to say. From what I've heard from some people in the blindness community, Blind Cool Tech is beginning to approach the place Main Menu was at several years ago, as far as grass-roots contributions, and good ones, from a variety of people on a variety of topics.

Anyway, Marlaina will talk with Larry in the first hour of her show, which is Sunday evenings at 1 Universal, which translates to 7pm Central Standard Time. The secodn hour will be an open forum. And, its possible Larry will put the interview up on his site in case you miss it. I'm not sure of this, but I wouldn't be surprised. In order to listen, go to the ACB Radio Mainstream, listening page where you can choose the link for your appropriate media player (Winamp, Real Player, or Windows Media). Enjoy.

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