Saturday, November 5

Blogger's Getting Better

Greetings. I saw this referenced on another blog and after I did some reading on it, was pleased that it was done. Blogger is offering a Comments Moderation feature which allows you to choose what comments are posted to the blog before they are actually posted. It will email you with the comment in question, and you can either click on the Publish or Reject links, or go to a comment moderation page and make your selections from there. This is great, since I get lots of spam on my blog, I now have a way of better controlling it and preventing it from ending up on here. It can also be used to stop people from posting off topic comments I suppose. In any case, I'm glad Blogger has introduced this feature. It gives those of us who can't use word verification, a way of combatting spam. Which leads me to wonder if they did it for the blind in part? Whatever the reason, I'm glad they did! Now if we could only solve the other accessibility issues, things would be really great.

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