Wednesday, November 2

BrailleNote Driver and JAWS 7

Greetings. I received this from an email list and thought I'd share for those that might have a BrailleNote and want to use it with JAWS 7. This is particularly notable if you use JAWS on a Windows XP, 2000, or NT operating system. I can only provide the information that I was given, so please direct all questions to HumanWare on this matter. (I still think the PAC Mate rules, but I would be considered bias if I didn't provide some info to HumanWare folk). Please excuse any formatting errors. Enjoy.

Hello all,

I am pleased to be able to inform all of you that there is now a new version
of the Jaws KeyNote driver available for download from the Humanware
website. This will allow people to use the BrailleNote or KeyNote voice
synthesizers, as a speech synthesizer with the Jaws for Windows screen

People who are running Windows 95/98/ME will not require this driver, as it
can be installed from the Jaws CD. However, folks who are running Windows
NT, 2000 or XP, will require this driver if they wish to use the BrailleNote
as a synthesizer with Jaws.

The new file will allow people with Jaws 7 to also take advantage of the
BrailleNote's functionality. Due to changes in Jaws 7, the old driver would
not function for Jaws 7 users, without some manual configuration.

To download the driver, please go to the following website address:


Dean Jackson
BrailleNote Product Specialist
11 Mary Muller Drive
new Zealand


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