Tuesday, November 15

Just the Facts

Greetings. For those that want to know what happened yesterday but don't want to read a long narrative, here are just the facts, man:

* I feel real good about the interview.
* I feel real good about the presentations (mock training sessions) I did after the interview.
* A number of prayers were answered in which I had asked different people to pray for specific things, such as: stamina, energy, not to worry about things, good travels through the airports, among other things.
* And perhaps the big thing people want to know: I'll know something by the end of this month or possibly in the middle of next month. Some of that time is paperwork, going through the necessary regulations before a decision can be made, and getting the person who is hired in the payroll system, etc. It sounds like I should know something in 2 or 3 weeks though.

So, there are the facts. I'll fill in some of the gaps later, but I wanted to post this short summary so people can get a brief idea of how things went. There were several interesting and amazing things that happened yesterday, which I'll write more about later.

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