Wednesday, November 23

Christmas Music .... Now?

Greetings. I come from the old school, of not playing Christmas music until at least the day of Thanksgiving or even better, the day after Thanksgiving. However, it seems that it is popping up more and more places, before Thanksgiving. Most notably was when I went to Wall Greens about 10 days ago and they were already playing it. I asked the cashier about it, and her response was, "But its Christmas music." To which I replied, "Yes, I realize this. I have nothing aginst Christmas music, but can we wait until we get through Thanksgiving?"

I know that people are putting out the Christmas decorations and ads earlier each year. Personally though, since I don't see those, they don't count. Its the music that is coming too early. I'm all for feeling joyful, but let's take this one Holiday at a time. Can we wait until we at least are stuff with turkey and ressing, and the beloved pies, before we play the music?

I must admit that Christmas music is feeling more likely today, the day before Thanksgiving, than it was two or three days ago. But its still not Thanksgiving yet!

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