Wednesday, November 9

More on Monday

Greetings. I talked with the man who is hiring for the position in Austin this morning, and he told me that Monday's interview would also include a presentation of my teaching skills in a mock training session. This led me to ask if the interview and presentation would be in person, in Austin, and he said that it would. He went on to say that, if someone wasn't "in the cut," then they would have a phone interview. This leads me to believe that I am "in the cut" for this position!

I haven't made my reservations yet due to some details that have yet to be worked out. Monday will be a cool, long, but satisfying day in Austin. The schedule is for an interview at 1:30 and then after a 30 minute break the presentations start at 3, and go until 4. Thanks to those that have been praying for me. Now, please pray that I do well in the interview and presentations, and that I would have a clear mind and not be too nervous. I'll write more about it when I can.

Even if I don't get the job, at least I will have more practice interviewing and doing the presentations, though I'd love to get the job. Especially considering that I applied two years ago for almost the exact same job and didn't get it, mainly due to lack of experience.

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