Wednesday, October 12

And the Saga Continues

Greetings. Last I wrote, I was upset from my Sunday Comcast appointment being canceled. On Monday morning, I made another call to Comcast, but this time I had my friend Donna on the line as well in a conference call. Long story short, we were able to reschedule the appointment for today, from 11 to 2. Today though, no one showed up. Someone called from Comcast at 11:15 asking if anyone has shown up yet, and I said no, and this woman (April), said she would contact the technician. Meanwhile, the technician calls my cell phone (which was supposed to be the alternative number, not the main number), to see if I was still having trouble. Bottom line, since he didn't get me he closed my work order. I did not hear of this until 1:45 when I made another call to Comcast, with Donna conferenced in of course, and we learned of the mess up. The first representative we spoke with, wasn't getting what the problem was, for whatever reason, so we asked for a supervisor, who actually made something happen. The not as good, the appointment is rescheduled again but not any sooner than next Monday at the same time frame. However, the good thing is that I was able to get a $20 credit on my account, given all my troubles, and the fact that I'm not even using the Comcast modem right now because of all the trouble it has given me. According to Donna, we got good service, under the circumstances, from this supervisor and things are heading in the right direction. As for me though, I've been here several times, in "hoping" that Comcast will show up or fix things, and it hasn't happened. I have no doubt that the supervisor will shake things up and get some answers of why the screw up happened, but, well, this has happened twice now, and I'm not sure I can trust Comcast. We'll have to wait and see though. I have threatened to leave Comcast several times now over all this, and even Donna, a sworn Comcast user and supporter, has even said that she might leave if the bad service continues. Oh well; we'll see.

Given all the service short comings or quirks that SBC might have, at least their modem is working and I can use all my usual Net stuff, like web surfing, email, streaming audio, and the other things I've come to enjoy. I just hope that Comcast will redeem themselves before all this is done.

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