Saturday, October 29

Comcast Update

Greetings. My problems with Comcast were solved on the 17th of this month, when the supervisor came out with a technician. Things have been working great since then. So, you ask, "What's the update?" Well, I got a call from Carman Fan yesterday, and found a note in my email box, saying that Comcast had tweaked their network speeds, so that the new speeds for the really high speed service were 8 MB download, and about 768 KB upload. Its times like these when I'm glad that I switched from SBC!

If you're on Comcast Internet and would like to take advantage of this increase in speed, just unplug the modem cable from your computer for 30 seconds (I did mine for a minute just to be sure), and then plug it back in. That's it. That's about the easiest update procedure I've ever had to go through, and that's including software or hardware.

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