Friday, October 7

Things Starting to Get Better

Greetings. Just a quick note to say that I've got my email troubles sorted out, for the moment. I called Comcast support earlier this afternoon with my friend Donna, and we spoke to a helpful representative that had me set a separate identity in Outlook Express, which has allowed me to send and receive email! Oh the wonders of technology, when it works. We made some minor modifications to the identity setup, but the bottom line is that I'm now able to communicate with email again. Its interesting that when you rely on something for so long, and then it doesn't work, you don't feel the same until it does again. Call me a geek, but this has been my experience this week with email.

On the down side, since there has been many of those down sides this week, I ran into some trouble after installing the new version of JAWS this morning, but I called Freedom Scientific and got another helpful tech support person to get me going again. One good thing from that was that we eliminated much of the background clutter that might have been causing problems for my system in its resources and performance. I can't really notice a difference in speeds, since I think that some of that speed stuff is subjective, but it has improved the time it takes JAWS to start up after a restart.

So, I'm using email again, and I'm also chatting with MSN Messenger 7.5, instead of MSN Messenger on the PAC Mate, which is also good. Hopefully this good fortune will continue on Sunday when the technician comes out. I think I just got a bad modem from Comcast that has caused many of these problems, so I'm going to have him totally remove it, and then totally reinstall the new one. Hopefully that will solve everything once and for all.

So, this is the increasing satisfied Wayne, signing off for now.

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