Sunday, October 9

Now I'm Mad

Greetings. As you might know, if you've been reading this blog over the past week, I had someone from Comcast scheduled to come out and look at/replace my Cable modem. Well, I just got off the phone with Comcast, asking where the technician was, saying that I thought I had a technician scheduled between 2 and 5 today. The representative said, "Sir, I don't see a technician scheduled for you today." After all that I've been through, in talking with two different technical support people last week, and confirming the appointment with two other people, I'm told that none was set for today? If I didn't know that Comcast had such great service, then I might just cancel it right now, and proclaim that I had had it. However, I've seen and heard of some of their great service from my friend Donna, so I'm willing to give them a little. Not much though, :)

So, this representative starts trying to diagnose the problem and seems like she's going down the path of, "Well, perhaps I can fix it for you." I finally told her, "Look, right now for my current Net usage and surfing, I'm using your competitor's modem, since your Comcast modem has given me too many problems to rely upon." That got her attention, and I got a rescheduled appointment of this Wednesday, from 11-2. She then started to give me the standard line of, "If the Comcast modem is not the problem, then you will owe ...," but I interrupted her and said, "If the Comcast modem is not replaced, I'm canceling my service." I think this got her attention as well.

At one point during our talk, I asked her if she worked at Comcast with other people, implying, "How is it possible that I could have an appointment scheduled and it not be written down somewhere?" Never got an answer on this, just the standard, "I apologize." Great; she apologized. Meanwhile, while I should be enjoying lightning speeds and wireless access with my PAC Mate, I'm using their competitor's modem since the Comcast one has caused too many problems for me to have a happy computing experience.

I suppose that we'll see how all this comes out, but man, I'm still livid over all this mess!

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