Thursday, October 20

Warning for Parents of Young Adults or Teens

Greetings. I was reading my regular round of blogs, and found this entry from Kim Komando, a host of a weekly computer technology radio show, among other things; regarding knowing what your teens blog about. Unfortunately, in this particular post, she references a sad incident where the parents of a teen didn't know that their daughter blogged, much less what she wrote about, and long story short, the girl was murdered by another sexual pervert. Its things like this that give the WWW a bad wrap, but it also hopefully makes the rest of us a little wiser for what to look out for. So, if you know any parents of teens, or you have teens yourself, then I'd highly recommend you read what Kim has to say, and be vigilent about knowing what your kids are doing online. Remember, this ain't the safe world that we knew a few short years ago.

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