Monday, October 3

JAWS 7 Released

Greetings. As promised from Freedom Scientific, JAWS version 7.0 was released today! Read more about it and pick it up from the FS home page on the first link in the Software section. Now, if I can only get all my problems worked out, perhaps I can download it, :) I could get it on the SBC connection, but I'm going to wait and see how Comcast works out; plus, it will give all the "I got to have it now," people through so the rest of us can get it. After all, its no fun downloading the newest version over a broadband line, at dial up speeds. Something about that doesn't seem quite right.

Nonetheless, JFW 7 is out, so if you are one of the "got to have it now," people then you can have it now, or however long it takes to download on your Net connection. Note that if you can't download it now for whatever reason, since 7.0 is a major upgrade, FS will be mailing a CD version out as they have done with all major upgrades, toward the end of October.

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