Monday, October 17

Comcast Update

Greetings. I've got a small, but possibly significant, update on my saga with Comcast. I had a couple of technicians come over a little while ago to look at my Comcast situation. Upon comparing notes with Donna, she said that one was a supervisor. I only talked with one of the two of them, so I don't really know. I do know that they looked at my wiring almost immediately, and found several problems. They did some work on the wiring for the Net connection and the TV Cable outside, and all appears to be working fine now. I've tried to bring up the sites I had trouble with before, and thus far, have not had any trouble in bringing them up. So all appears to be working, finally. They didn't have to do anything with my Comcast Cable modem, so that's good. It appears that all the problems were outside.

It better be because I already called SBC telling them to shut my DSL off ASAP, which they said will take two business days. I even pulled up Winamp and tuned into several stations, which sound really good. I'm not sure if they sound better coming over Cable Internet or I'm just hoping that they do. At any rate, things appear to be working properly now.

And for my email troubles: I tried using Eudora but still got the same error messages from Norton about encrypted connections being detected. I initially switched from Outlook Express to Eudora since I had trouble setting up filters in OE. Now however, I know how to setup filters in OE and can do it without any of the problems I had before (I'm going through the Message menu verses the Tools menu and then Rules). So, since I had to pay for Eudora and that didn't work out, I'm going to get a refund on that and just use Outlook Express.

Bottom line: my Net connection seems to be working, I'm sorting out my email troubles, and maybe I can now get back to normal Net usage, if there is such a thing. Thanks to Donna and all her help in all this.

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