Monday, October 3

I Want a Do Over

Greetings. Well, where to begin. This was supposed to be a weekend where I was set free from SBC Global. I had decided some weeks ago to move from SBC to Comcast Internet for many reasons, but big among them is that Comcast is a month-to-month service, verses the contract that you're locked into with SBC. My intent was to have my SBC DSL modem disconnected and back in its box by now, but it apparently had other ideas.

To begin with, when the Comcast technician came over on Saturday, the site that I needed to use to register with Comcast and get my email address, password, and encryption key for the wireless modem, was down. The site didn't come back up until 4 or 5 hours later. I was able to get my Comcast email address (which, for those that know my SBC email, my Comcast address is the same, except it ends with, but I didn't complete the registration process and get the encryption key. This has caused no end of problems for the email program I use, Eudora, along with my web browsing. I spent nearly an hour on the phone with a Comcast tech support guy last night, and though we got a working solution, I'm still having problems. Long story short, I called the technician from Saturday, this morning, to see if he could come by this afternoon and make sure everything's working all right. We'll see how that goes. For the moment, since Comcast Internet isn't working as good for me, I've got my DSL modem plugged in, until I get all this sorted out.

It probably goes without saying, but if you're trying to email me this week, pardon me if my reply is a few days late, given my email troubles.

Other not so good things that happened this weekend or are going on now: I accidentally locked myself out of my efficiency, not knowing that there was a latch on the screen/storm door, and having to wait nearly an hour outside for my older brother to come by and open it.
My phone is having trouble. I left to go grocery shopping this morning, and when I came back and picked up the phone, I heard nothing, no dial tone, nothing. I'm not sure what the problem might be.
And, I've been without a working ceiling fan for nearly three weeks, which isn't much fun in the summertime here in Texas heat. But, that's a whole other story with lots of frustration, which I won't get into now.

So, there's my weekend. I want a do over; can I have one? Please? Please? Please?

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