Friday, August 26

He's Back ...

Greetings. He's back, and I'm not talking about me. I'm talking of Jonathan Mosen. For those who have not yet experienced a Mosen Explosion (his terms, not mine), you really should. Jonathan has done Internet broadcasting in various forms for some years now. He's back and with his own show on Shellworld Radio. You can get MP3 modem and broadband streaming links from his Mosen Explosion website.

For those keeping track at home, Jonathan will broadcast from 6 to 10 PM on Friday evenings, that's Central time. If you're interested, you can also get his show in podcast form, though he warns that it might be a rather large download, like over 100 MB, so subscribe at your own risk. I prefer to listen to the live show though. Jonathan also has a pole on his website and various features during his show, such as: interaction through MSN Messenger, a comment line, technology news, world sporting news (since he is from New Zealand even though he lives in Texas temporarily now), and other things.

If you listen to radio, it doesn't have to be Internet radio, long enough, there are some people that you hear on air that, no matter what they play, you can just listen to them talk anytime. Jonathan is one of those kinds of people for me. He just has his own type of show presentation that has to be heard to be enjoyed. So, go and listen, and enjoy!

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