Saturday, August 27

Journal: Thursday August 18

Greetings. Not a lot happened today. It was mainly a day of settling in and getting used to the altitude for me. IN the morning, before breakfast, my Mother gave me a good tour of their downstairs area and quizzed me several times on where different things were in relation to other things. Interestingly enough, the floor of the car port is also made out of tiles, or more accurately I should say tiles that are in some sort of a pattern.

IN the afternoon, we went to a mall in Guatemala City to see "The Interpreter," and that was fun. Personally, the movie jumped around a lot which kept me from folllowing what was going on, but my parents enjoyed it. We actually met up with some neighbors of my parents, and watched the movie with them. The ticket prices were much less than they usually are in the States. Try $3.75 per ticket, anytime, or better yet try half price onn Wednesdays. Also, the consessions were very affordable as well. There was none of the price hikes that you usually see in the U.S. For instance, in several cases, there were combos you could get, like two drinks and a large popcorn, or a drink, a candy bar, and popcorn. And the popcorn was in large tubs, which would surely cost a lot by themselves in the States.

The movie theater itself that we were in, was completely empty. A few people might have come in after the movie started, but I'm not sure. I found out that their movies have Spanish subtitles, except for the really popular ones, like "The Incredibles," and those are done completely in Spanish. And, just like in the States, they have commercials before their movies, which are all in Spanish. The theater was very modern, with stadium seating.

The mall itself was interesting as well. It was very open and echoed a lot. It felt like you were outside, but you were inside. My parents said that the mall has the modern stores, like clothing, shoes, and other kinds of stores you might see in the States. My Mom said that the stores may not have as big of a selection as they do in the U.S., but they are current stores. The mall was also modern in the sense that it had several escaelators and a covered parking garage with several security guards.

(Friday's adventures had several pictures associated with it, so it might take awhile to get that together, therefore, it will be posted tomorrow).

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