Tuesday, August 30

Hurricane Katrina Coverage and Thoughts

Greetings. First off, as I just put on my website, my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. It's just dawned on me, as I think it has on many other people, just how widely impacted New Orleans in specific and the rest of us in general, are affected or will be affected by Katrina's damage. True, Katrina didn't damage as much of New Orleans as many people thought, but there was tons of rain and now the city's flooded because the leavies (probably misspelled so forgive me) broke. And, according to information I heard this evening, the water is still rising in parts of the city. Not to mention all those affected in Mississippi and Alabama.

As for how it will affect the rest of us: consider oil and gas prices, and the fact that Louisiana is one of the main entry/sending points for goods and merchandise in the U.S.

For more on the hurricane and how it is affecting life for those in New Orleans and Louisiana at large, check out Kaye's Hurricane Katrina Blog, which is written by a woman that lives in the affected area. I believe from her blog that she is a professor or teacher at a local school/college. I came across her blog while reading a story from USA Today. It looks like she knows what she's talking about, and her blog has gotten some media attention of late.

There are things I could write and speculate on, but I'm not going to. I don't feel like speculating when so much of the impact of the disaster is yet to happen. I'll leave speculation to the experts on CNN and Fox News. I'll just repeat what I started this post with: my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this horrible act of nature.

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