Monday, August 29

Journal: Saturday August 20, 10:15 AM

Last night before dinner, we played a domino game called Mexican Train. Its very fun. What's great about it for me is that I can feel the recessed dots on the dominos, some of which can have as many as 8 or 9 dots on a single half of the domino. In addition, for the "sighties", the dominos are different colors. I suppose we have to accommodate everyone, :) Anyway, here's a great example of a mainstream game that can be played by anyone, whether blind or not.

After dinner, we watched one of the movies I brought, "Ray." The major difference here is that my movies have narrative tracks woven within the movie itself. So, when there's no dialog from the characters, a separate voice explains what might be happening visually, like, "A man walks intoa room," or something similar. I brought one other movie like this, "Shrek." We watched that on Thursday evening. Neither of my parents had seen "Shrek" and they loved it. My Mom had seen "Ray" but my Dad had not. I think they liked that one too. We're supposed to have company over tonight and my Mom suggested showing them "Shrek," so that they might know how I watch movies. These types of movies are called Descriptive Videos, even though "Ray" is actually on a DVD. Anyway, showing "Shrek" tonight will give us another excuse to watch it. That's probably my favorite animated movie ever! Shrek 1 is great and very funny; Shrek 2, well, its entertaining but not nearly as funny as the first.

We're supposed to leave pretty soon to go to a nearby town called Antigua, where we'll explore the market and shops, and hopefully get in a Net cafe where I can put up a short blurb of my trip so far. We'll also have lunch in Antigua. I'll write more about that later. An interesting note though before I go. Antigua was where my parents spent the first 5 or so months last year at the start of their Guatemala missions. They were in language school learning all the ins and outs of Spanish.


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