Tuesday, August 30

Journal: Saturday Night, August 20

We had several couples over for dinner that all knew me, which was good. In my honor, we had hamburgers and potato salad. After dinner, we had a chocolate cake and either vanilla or coffee ice cream. After dessert, we sat around and talked. I got another glimpse into missions life. This might also tie in with English speaking missionaries. Anyway, as I listened to the other people talking, telling stories, and laughing. It occurred to me that this was a sort of bonding. Since there may not be many other English speakers or people from the same country you are from, you get together with the ones you know for dinners and desserts. It's times like that when they talk and deepen their relationships.

They all left about 9:15. One couple wanted to borrow "Shrek," which I agreed to, as long as I could get it back on Monday before I left, which they agreed to. We didn't watch the movie when they were over. My Mom did bring out a stack of movies, some new and some older, but we ended up talking for a long time. That was all right too.

Tomorrow we're driving to a water park in Irtra, which is in the northern part of Guatemala. There's actually an amusement park there too but I've been told we're not going there, since it has a separate fee associated with it.

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